TracePro - Meat Application 

Do you produce meat, sausages or poultry products?

This is your traceability solution…

TracePro-Meat is a vertical solution, a special edition of TracePro Suite, which covers all the needs for traceability in the meat processing, weighing, packaging and distribution steps, with automated data collection and their processing.

Either you handle the slaughtering, or the processing or the packaging, or all of them, TracePro-Meat, will give you all the tools you need to get information from the final packaging, to the animal that is made from and vice versa, with a click of a button!


  • • Compliance with traceability requirements in accordance with applicable law  

    • Automatic creation of batch numbers  

    • Complete goods receipts or deliveries processes directly from the weighing systems  

    • Daily balance of your inventory  

    • Weighing and recording all your products at every stage  

    • "Forward" traceability – knowing to who customers and where we have send each batch  

    • "Backward" traceability – knowing from which animal or herd each batch came from

  • • From which producer and when each batch (lot) was received  

    • Which were its quality characteristics during its reception  

    • In which areas and under what conditions it was stored  

    • When it was packed and under what conditions  

    • Each final batch, from which batch (lot) comes from