TracePro - OliveOil 

A traceability solution for any Olive Oil Press or Bottling Company

TracePro OliveOil is a vertical solution, a special edition of TracePro Suite, which covers all the needs for traceability in the olive oil production, bottling & packaging steps. Either you have an olive oil press or a bottling company, or both, TracePro Olive Oil will give you the entire tools you need to go from the final bottle to the tree and opposite!


Business Benefits 

  • Full traceability of all production (milling, filtering, storing), bottling and packing handling, in all olive oil press & bottling areas of your company
  • Improve  staff efficiency
  • Reduce duplication jobs
  • Decrease management response time in problems
  • Improve reporting, and monitoring
  • Enforce operational standards
  • Compliance with, HACCP, COOC,UC, IOOC ISO x, PDO, IFS, BIO and others standards depends on your country
  • Easy audits and traceability management
  • Quality control

Key Capabilities


  • Full traceability management
  • Reception management directly from weighting scales
  • Lot number tracking in all steps of the milling procedure
  • Supports first press, cold press and centrifugation
  • Stores temperatures (per lot number) in the mills (any type), decanters or centrifugal separators during the heating procedure


  • Mix Lot supporting for each tank separately
  • Olive Oil tank transfusion
  • Records all the quality data form the chemical office


  • Track the lot number in the bottling process

Finished Product

  • Putaway in the warehouse
  • Internal movements in the warehouse and/ or from warehouse to the packaging area.
  • Full inventory/stock management
  • Pallet tracking
  • Packaging materials management
  • Order Picking directly with PDA’s with barcode technology with sales order check
  • Packing and Dispatch
  • Integration with ERP