Hotel Maintenance Management system

Intergraded management system and total control of your hotel maintenance


TracePro Hotel Maintenance and repair management system is a total solution to help you manage the everyday repairs in your hotel, such as the preventative maintenance. The main benefit of TracePro Hotel Maintenance and repair management system is that, it's not just a back office software which needs daily data entry.


Every technician will be equipped with a handheld terminal. When a customer calls for a damage, the receptionist has to import the data of the problem at the P/C, where the TracePro application is running, with an easy 4 step procedure. Via the existing hotel's Wi-Fi network, the damage will be shown in real time at the technician’s handheld terminal. Once he solves the problem he has to entry the details, by selecting just the corresponding fields and the information will be on receptionist’s desk in real time.

TracePro Hotel Maintenance and repair management system also supports preventative and scheduled maintenance.

  • • Track Every Repair and Maintenance of your hotel in real time  

    • Decrease maintenance costs by controlling the spare parts and the areas that have problems very often  

    • Improve the quality of the services that you provide to your customers  

    • Improve  staff efficiency  

    • Reduce duplication jobs  

    • Decrease management response time in problems  

    • Improve reporting, and monitoring  

    • Enforce operational standards  

    • Quality control

  • • Supports repairs, scheduled jobs and preventative maintenance  

    • Supports as many handheld terminals as you need  

    • Wi-Fi (real time) or batch terminal communication  

    • Handheld terminals have easy interface ‘like cell phone’ (Colors, big icons, touch screen with pen)  

    • New Jobs can be opened also from handheld terminals  

    • Ready reports and capability to create as many reports you want any type