for machinery constraction industries


No matter how big or small are the machines which you construct, TracePro helps you trace them and their process


TracePro MC is a parameterization of TracePro software suite, specially formed for companies that produce any type of machines, from motors and mechanical equipment up to professional kitchens and silos. All these companies are aware of the specific needs of their production - and so are we. They can't cover those needs with just a simple Warehouse Management System, by tracking only the final products before they shipped to the customer. They have numerous of raw materials and a very complicated production process.

TracePro begins with the reception of raw materials and their put-away process in the warehouse. After that, the most important part of the application is taking place - the production monitoring. Materials are transferred to specific production areas, following a certain procedure, with the use of handheld terminals or industrial PCs placed at work centers, in order save all the data automatically and be able to track each material and final product. The application completes its usage, with the recording of every final product and of course with the picking and the rest logistic procedures.

TracePro MC covers all the production steps and not only the warehouse processes. With this flexible and affordable parameterization of TracePro, specialized to help all machines manufacturers, to track every material and finished product and control the whole production process.

Machinery Constraction 

  • • Full traceability of all production

    • Improve  staff efficiency

    • Reduce duplication jobs

    • Decrease management response time in problems

    • Improve reporting, and monitoring

    • Eliminate paper work

    • Enforce operational standards

    • Compliance with, ISO and other quality standards depends on your country

    • Easy traceability management

    • Quality control

  • • Full traceability management

    • Raw material management per lot number

    • Reception management with PDA’s which use barcode technology and purchase order check

     • Automatic Lot Number creation and marking of the reception goods

    • Putaway process in the warehouse

    • Internal movements in the warehouse and/or from warehouse to the production area

    • Production machine tracking & monitoring

    • Full inventory/stock management

    • Pallet tracking

    • Packaging materials management 

    • Employee monitoring and analysis

    • Order Picking with PDA’s with barcode technology with sales order check

    • Packing and Dispatch

    • Integration with all ERPs