for plastic and rubber industries


Traceability solution for industries producing WPR, pipes, cables, bottles etc.

TracePro for plastic and rubber industries is a special parameterization of TracePro software suite, specially formed for companies that produce plastic packaging products especially for the food industry. It is well known that, any food product must follow certain traceability rules and comply with all regulations according to the country laws. What most people don’t know is that every other material that will come in touch with the food must also follow the traceability standard. Most of these companies are not familiar with systems like that, since it is not part of their core business. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to track every material and finished product and maintain traceability, by using the data which are written on papers. For this purpose, an electronic, automatic solution is required. On the other hand, since this isn't part of their core business, a low budget solution is mandatory

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TracePro succesfully covers this gap, with this flexible and affordable parameterization especially for keeping traceability for Plastic manufacturers.



  • • Full traceability of all production and packing handling

    • Improve  staff efficiency

    • Reduce duplication jobs

    • Decrease management response time in problems

    • Improve reporting, and monitoring

    • Eliminate paper work

    • Enforce operational standards

    • Compliance with, BRC – IOP HACCP, ISO and others standards depends on your country

    • Easy audits and traceability management

    • Quality control

  • • Full traceability management

    • Mix Lot supporting

    • Raw materials management per lot number

    • Reception management with PDA’s with barcode technology and purchase order check

    • Raw materials management per lot number

    • Automatic Lot Number creation and marking of the reception goods

    • Putaway in the warehouse

    • Internal movements in the warehouse and/or from warehouse to the production area

    • Production machines tracking & monitoring

    • Full inventory/stock management

    • Pallet tracking

    • Packaging materials management 

    • Employee monitoring and analysis

    • Order Picking with PDA’s with barcode technology with sales order check

    • Packing and Dispatch

    • Integration with all ERPs