Production Control and Warehouse Management system

TracePro traceability system, designed and developed by AcmonData, is the smartest integrated application for production control and warehouse management, to ensure Total Traceability for bulk and packaged materials, finished, semi-finished products and packaging materials. 

TracePro fully covers automatically the traceability requirements of European regulations. It collaborates with central Enterprise Resource Management systems (ERP) such as SAP, ORACLE, etc


How does TracePro reduce the cost of managing your business?

  • It provides accurate inventory control and compliance with FIFO - FEFO procedures
  • Direct recording of the production and productivity measurement
  • It improves the performance of the company during the receipt of materials, storage and distribution of products
  • Online/real time inventory tracking. With TracePro stocks are always updated and error free
  • It provides immediate withdrawal, ONLY for the problematic batches 


How does TracePro inspire your customers, with more confidence?

  • The correct sequence of procedures and constant product quality is always provided
  • It increases the safety and quality of the products because it is a computerized solution for tracking any batch and any mix
  • It helps the quality control and ensures compliance with the HACCP procedures
  • It helps you comply with the EU regulations on food safety 


tracepro compatible_windows7 AcmonData is an innovative company that specializes in developing and implementing Production and Warehouse Management Systems. AcmonData offers a range of products and turnkey solutions (equipment and software) for your warehouse, production, distribution, sales force, field service and weighbridge management. Since 2008 is a Microsoft Certified (ISV) partner and our traceability system, TracePro has officially received from Microsoft the certification “Compatible with Windows® 7”. This certification is one of the continues technological innovations which our company applies