TracePro - DSD

direct store delivery  

Solution for any company with outdoor salesmen

Since sales department is the heart of every company, most of them choose to have many sales people that working outdoor only. Either you have a commercial or a production company, if your product is fast moving you need to be near to your customer. The TracePro Sales Force is an application, ‘running’ in PDA’s, that allows every salesman to enter orders such as to have access to his appointments, orders, customer details etc. All this details are stores in the terminal so can work offline. When the terminal find GPRS network the sales people can transfer the data to the main sever and TracePro SalesForce will sent automatically the order to the main ERP

TracePro SalesForce also supports GPS Tracking and covers all payments procedures (cash, checks, credits etc) and can issue receipt with a thermal mobile printer.

  • Faster execution of orders

    Reduce mistakes

    Improve  staff efficiency

    Reduce duplication jobs.

    Decrease management response time in problems.

    Improve reporting, and monitoring.

    Enforce operational standards

    Quality control

  • Order management

    Customer management

    Appointment scheduling

    Product details

    Delivery instructions

    GPS Tracking

    Payment management

    Automatic data transferring when GPRS is available

    Integration with any ERP